Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Vario IV Delay... Plus Upgrade Problems/Delays

Just had a call from Anne at the Customer Service Directors office and she has been speaking to the acquisitions department who now say they're looking at the MIDDLE OF JANUARY for the release of this phone.

I honestly do not know why I feel so loyal and am hanging on/waiting for T Mobile to get themselves in gear as they're clearly just dragging their feet.

Also, I have been told (along with many others) that I cannot upgrade now until January even though I have been eligible for an upgrade for a while now (I even tried out the Omnia - didn't like it though). I believe this is because they have run out of funds in the upgrade 'piggy bank' but that I can have a 'Christmas Customer Loyalty Discount' applied to my account which will take my bill down by £5; I've accepted but it doesn't really cut it though and I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere now as this really isn't good business practice by them.



Anonymous said...

I've also been waiting for this phone. I mainly wanted to upgrade from the Vario III for the improved video, but it sounds like the same problems exist in the Vario IV anyway....

70's said...

Any more news on this? Have been waiting ages for this phone to come out? Also, is the phone actually worth waiting for or is the Google phone comparable?

Anonymous said...

My Vario just died and trying to find a replacement - just spoke to guy at T-Mo Oxford Street store who said that all the IIIs have been withdrawn/sold out and they were told to expect IVs in November, then December, but he's predicting January. Suggested the G1 as an alternative, which seems barmy.

Jonathan said...

o2 have them now it is called the Serra

£97 on a £35 contract or free on a £40
voda are the same prices

I'm waiting on T-mob too and hope they get one out for free on £35!!

you can play with a real one at the o2 in Greenwich! it connects to a TV which is cool!

Mightily Miffed said...

"I'm waiting on T-mob too and hope they get one out for free on £35!!"

You have got to be joking! I was told by staff in T-Mob stores to expect to pay around £250 for an upgrade on the Flext-35 tarrif.

I'm getting mighty miffed with T-Mobile now, I'm due for an upgrade but can't find a single phone I'd like. Primarily I'm interested in the SE Xperia X1 but might consider a Vario IV instead. How such a large network can be so pee-poor at releasing new handsets is beyond me. Perhaps if they didn't meddle about with the S/W so much, we wouldn't be forced to wait this long.

Claire - on the offchance you get to read this, if you speak to Anne again, could you sly in a question about the Xperia X1 on T-Mobile as well? Pwetty pwease?

Claire said...

Hi, I have updated the blog with some more information. Thanks. x