Wednesday, October 1, 2008

T Mobile G1 Phone AND N96 Showing On Site!

I am wondering why they are showing the G1 as coming soon on the website and have got the N96 in stock so quickly (plus had it on coming soon), yet are having so many problems getting the Vario IV out, or even putting any information on the website/to their employees so that customers are informed about this phone easier.

It's like they don't want you to have it/know anything about it, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me.



TmD said...

The business support team don't seem to even know hwat the phone is - asked them about the HT touch pro which will be the vario iv but she just kept suggesting the tmobile touch.

Anonymous said...

Just spoke to upgrades for the 8th time in 2 months...I was told it would not appear within the next 2 weeks (IF they release it-annoying disclaimer because it has obviously been released in Ger and Ned). He suggested that a handest like Vario 4 would ideally be released before christmas so it could sell. But that they would call me when they are available etc etc

kes74 said...

I was eagerly awaiting this phone. However, now the Touch HD has been announced and I've seen the comparative pics I'm drooling all over the idea of an HD on T instead. Click on my name to see... (thanks Engadget!)

Anonymous said...

I have had enough of this. I am moving to Vodafone who already have this phone available on a very similar call package to what I have already. bye bye t-mobile, you just list yourself a loyal customer.

Anonymous said...

The key issue here is that by keeping us in the dark, T-mobile are not looking after Customers - either old or new, and seem to be 'getting a bit too big for their boots!!' ..... Sure, some of us will hang on but others, including two of my friends, will not. There is simply too much choice ESPECIALLY if you call another provider and often they will adapt a package for you JUST to get you from T-mobile!!! T-mobile are not stupid,they know this but in NOT issuing a statement telling us all honestly what the problem is, they are just fuelling rumours that this phone simply does not work with T-mobile software and will never be released. Or, quite simply, maybe they still have bucket loads of Touch's and Vario 3s sitting on shelves they want to move first!!!'s funny that if this isn't the case why are they not offering a free Playstation with these phones to move them???

....or maybe they are saving up the PS3s to give away with the Vario 4 to us long suffering customers still waiting! mmmmmm well t-mobile????

Anonymous said...

Hi there Claire

Your last poster is right. T-mobile have got it already but are not releasing it until they have got rid of their Vario III's.

The poster who calls himself "T-mobile" and claims to be senior management is just so arrogant and unpleasant that enough is really enough with them.

They're not getting any more of my money.


Anonymous said...

Hi Claire

Like yourself I have been awaiting the Vario 4 with silly amounts of calls made to Tmobile UK...

today i am disgusted to be told that on top of there being no further info on the vario 4...that if i was to opt for the G1 i would have to pay £375 to upgrade (reason for my disgust is based on my 10 years with Tmobile/One2One and my highest bill being over £800 and my average bill is in the region of £50 or more) No incentive to stay with them :(

Rant over..but do you have any further info on the Vario 4 and if this is likely to cost us £500 even if you are a longtime highly rated tmobile user?


Claire said...


I'm due to be ringing them this week so I shall update once I have heard some more about the situation - or even if there's no update just so that people know. Am getting increasingly fed up with the situation myself.

I've had issues with my upgrade costs too, so looked into it a bit but only found out something about upgrade subsidies being lower at the moment but getting better in January. No reason has been given for this as far as I am aware so it's all a mystery. In my opinion it's bad for the reputation of the company to do this at all, let alone without giving a reason why.

I know there's a lot of VERY unhappy people with T Mobile currently though.


Anonymous said...


thanks for your reply. Shortly after that call i went to my local t-mobile store and asked them what was happening with the crazy prices i was being quoted. The jist of what the manager said was that although i was due and upgrade in discounts have been assigned (couldnt explain why) but he said that come 1st Jan 2009, they would be able to see what discount i am due to get when upgrading handset. Up until then, anyone upgrading will have to pay a £75 excess or something!? i've not heard of anything like this for my entire time with tmobile (10 years) and i definitely do not feel any returned loyalty from tmobile when they quote me £400 for a handset, on upgrade at that. I did tell them that i was aware that G1 was a £500 phone but the only message to be taken from that is that everyone should cancel contracts when they are due and start a fresh one in order to get free handsets - bad business

I agree that their reputation can be nothing but harmed by these mysterious situations. When I look back i should have just upgraded my handset to the newest handset and sold that on for the money to then purchase a touch pro from someone else.

still - i am dying to get a touch pro..i've had my vario 2 for nearly 2 years and its dying bigtime (battery dies after a 10 minute fone call and it doesnt ring when i get a call)

are you as desperate as i am to get one? :) x