Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News!!

Having just spoken to Anne again, I am able to give a date for the release of this phone... finally. She said it should be released on the 20th of January, if all goes to plan and there's no hitches. She also said there would be plenty of stock and although she didn't know the cost of the phone exactly, she *thinks* it could be around the £350 mark... which you will obviously get your retentions discount on top of, that I hope bring it down to an affordable price, considering how long most of us have waited for the phone.

She is calling me on the 19th to confirm that the phone will be released as planned, so I will update here when I hear back.

At least it's not gone another few months forward again, which is a massive relief for me.

Note to commenter 'Mightily Miffed' who asked about the X1; apparently T Mobile have no plans to release this phone from what I have heard.

Another note: I tried the G1 out of sheer desperation... a load of rubbish in my opinion! Needless to say, it's been sent back!

Last one: Happy New Year!


70's said...

That's great news.

Sometimes I wonder whether it has been worth waiting for. It has a notoriously bad battery life. But then I guess I can do what I do with my Vario II and carry a spare battery.

Can't find a better alternative anyway.

Only a short while to wait now then!

Claire said...

I know what you mean, there's nothing else that I fancy having. I've tried both the Omnia and the G1 and neither have been totally what I wanted (although the Omnia was the best of the 2 by a mile).

I didn't realise the battery life was poor on them though; thought it would be fairly ok after looking at the spec of the HTC Touch Pro... is it a different battery then, or just power intensive?

Anonymous said...

been phoning around stores in london this morning (13th Jan) and oxford street quoted March, Victoria had no date at all. i hope you're right but this is becoming more than farcical...

70's said...

I know someone who has been given one from work. Both him and his colleague find it hard to get theirs to last a full day. I imagine that is with heavy use. I am used to this though, my Vario II is the same.

I keep looking at other phones but not finding anything better. I hope it really does get released next week.

Itguru2 said...

There here !!!!!

Just ordered 3 for tomorrow delivery !!!!!!

equipment cost - trade is £375 - its the most expensive handset t-mobile are doing at the mo

70's said...

Hmmm. They don't seem to be showing on their website yet.

70's said...

Itguru2 is right. They are in stock, but not for long, for now...

I have ordered mine; is coming tomorrow. The woman on the phone said that the reason they haven't advertised it on the website is that they know that there are people wanting them already and they don't have the stock yet to meet the demand.
She said there were 17 left in stock...

On my contract it worked out at £140 including delivery.

Claire, hope you read this and order/have ordered yours.

itguru2 said...


They have arrived !!

3 Vario 4's this morning

Look nice

will play with them later

Jonathan said...

Ordered mine £92 on a £40 contract

70's said...

Mine's arrived and is charging up now.

MattCoops said...

Hi Clare - I have been following your blog for the release date for quite some time now. Is there any news on the release date?

And also, does this mean that the HTC Touch Pro will only be able available direct from T-Mobile - i.e. over the phone direct sales, or can I pop into a shop and get one now?

Anonymous said...

re: instore purchase...latest from oxford street store (yesterday) was first week of march.

Claire said...

70's - After a load of hassle with T Mobile regarding the price, I finally ordered it last night for £82.75, which is down from the £232 I was first quoted to stay on my current price plan (£31.88), and also better than the trade up on my price plan to £40 a month and then paying £92 on top of that. I'm sure I could have got a better deal if I'd waited a bit longer but in all fairness, I couldn't wait haha. It's arriving tomorrow before 1pm.

itguru - How are you finding yours?

Jonathan - That's what I was offered to start but I held on and finally got somebody who offered it me for the price I mentioned above. Have you got yours now then?

Matt - It is available now over the phone, but as yet doesn't seem to be on the website. As for stores, I am assuming it's going to be an even longer wait to get this phone as some of them STILL don't seem to have any idea this phone exists.


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