Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arriving Tomorrow...

After a lot of messing around over numerous phone calls with T Mobile regarding the price, I finally ordered it last night for £82.75, which is down from the £232 I was first quoted to stay on my current price plan (Flext 35 Web and Walk £31.88); and also better than the trade up on my price plan that I was offered to go to £40 a month and then pay £92 on top of that.

I'm sure I could have got a better deal if I'd waited a bit longer but in all fairness, I think I have waited long enough haha. It's arriving tomorrow before 1pm.

It doesn't seem to be on the website at the moment, or in stores but if you ring up then they'll have access to it, and if they say they don't tell them that it may be on a different system as that is what I was told when I rang up and they couldn't see it at first.

Will post up what I think when I've had a play.

If anybody has any decent sites for downloading applications and games from, feel free to comment and let me know.

Thanks. :-)


steve said...

Fantastic news!

My upgrade is due on the 3rd of next month, and I'm planning on trying to get the phone free (as I've been on Flext 50 for the last 3 years with my average bill about £80 a month!).

Make sure you write up on how you find the phone, how easy it is to use, etc.


Claire said...

I should expect that you'd get the phone for free with that spend; obviously I could be wrong but I think (hope) they'd go out of their way to keep you as a customer.

Does your contract end in March then? I heard that you can upgrade up to 3 months before the end of your contract, might be worth a phone call now?

I will definitely write up on how I find it though; I just hope it's as good as I hope it will be after a 5 month wait haha.

steve said...

A 5 month wait? Crazy! I saw a link to your blog on a review site of teh phone about a month or so ago, and been checking this page ever since.

When I got my N95 nearly 18 months ago they tried charging me for it. In the end they gave me the phone and some other bits free, plus free web n walk. My contract is up on the 3rd of Feb, so I'm gonna wait till then just so I can try and get it as free as possible :)

I'm just hoping that you can get 3rd party software that's as good as the Symbian stuff. I've got so many great programs for my N95 from so now I need to try and find a site like that for the new phone :D

70's said...

The touch flow takes a little getting used to and can be slow.

But, the phone is awesome!

I bought a 16gb micro sd card (it comes with a 2gb card with some software on). It's straightforward to just copy the software off the 2gb drive to your hard drive on the computer and then back to the new sd card.

SatNav is superb. I got a cheap windscreen mount and it works great in the car as SatNav and MP3 player. At the same as well. Is nice to just be able to stroke the screen to change to the next song rather than fiddle with buttons while driving.

I downloaded MSN Messenger (had to search for the file) as it doesn't come with it unlike my old Vario II. Works great. Could probably find where I got it from again if anyone is interested.

I got my full sized fold up blue tooth keyboard and mouse working with it too, am waiting for the TV Out Cable to arrive...

Battery life isn't great but it will last a full day with fairly heavy use.

I am very pleased with it.

Claire said...

Steve - Haha yeah it's a long wait isn't it. If you haven't rang to see what deal you'd get, it's worth doing so, even just to reference back to in February if they don't give you a good deal then. Just say you'll think about it or something?

They tried to charge me for my N95 last year also, but then managed to get it free thankfully. It's weird having to pay for a phone for me after so long of having them free, oh well!

I would have thought there'd be some way of getting decent apps and games as it's a widely used operating system. I will miss my game on my N95 (bejeweled etc) but I am sure I'll get new ones to replace them, and if not I've now got a DS to waste my time on haha. :-)

70's - Is it easy to turn the touchflo off if it gets on your nerves then? I'm panicking that I won't like the phone in the end after all this time of waiting now, and there's no other phone that I have any interest in so am hoping this isn't the case!

I have a couple of 8gb cards so I'm sure I'll just stick one of those in for the time being. I'll mainly be using my camera for photos so it'll just be for MP3s, applications and stuff so maybe it will do, space wise.

I must say, i LOVED google maps on the G1 (there was only that, and android market that I really liked on the whole phone though) so I am pleased this phone includes them.

I was wondering if MSN came on it, as I know it did on the Vario II... if you could find where you got it from again, that would be amazing; thank you. I don't suppose you have any other links for other bits of software, do you? Haha.

I was hoping the battery life would be ok, I suppose you can't have everything though, can you.


70's said...

Claire, here is the link to MSN Messenger.

The file you want when it downloads is called Windows Live with IM.

Unzip and click on it and I think it will just install when you sync with your computer. It's easy anyway.

70's said...

Hopefully the MSN Messenger link will work this time!

70's said...


I've shortened it.

MSN Messenger

Claire said...

It came at 8am yesterday morning and just getting a chance to have a play with it now due to having to sort my dad home network out etc yesterday.

Thanks for the link... I am having problems trying to install messenger as there doesn't appear to be an install file, it has an xml file, and a load of number type files... am I being completely stupid here and missing something? Haha. :-)

MattCoops said...

Hey Claire! Thanks for the advice. I've just got off the phone from ordering my one whcih should arrive for me tomorrow. Price that he gave me was £90, but they dropped me down from a £31 tariff to a Combi £20 tariff, with £5 free web'n'walk tagged on, and if my calculations are right, the amount i'd save from the change in tariffs (apparently I use very little of my free allowance each month) will by right cover the cost of the mobile phone! Will let you know how it is once it arrives

70's said...

Claire, the file is a .cab file called Windows Live with IM.

Here's what you do with it.

70's said...

If you use the CoPilot software trial, then when 7 days are up you can either subscribe via your phone or via your computer...

It will cost you less than £50 for the software for as long as you have the phone if you subscribe by your computer.

However, if you subscribe by the phone it will be £7.99 a month, so if you keep the phone for 18 months minimum... ouch!

The problem with paying by computer is that it will be impossible initially to enter the code you paid for! The software forces you to go the monthly payment route or shuts down.

I eventually solved it. I guess the CoPilot helpline would have helped but it was the weekend and they were shut! So if anyone is interested I can post up what I did.

How are you getting on with the phone Claire? As I said before I found it a little quirky at first but the more I have used it the more that I like it.

MattCoops said...

Hey All,
Finally received the HTC Touch Pro yesterday afternoon in work, and must say that I'm particularly impressed. I do have to say though that it is immensely slow in performance compared to what it can do. T-Mobile have absoloutely bogged down the whole ROM with tonnes of their own software and a load of crap that simply won't be used. So far I've got the phone syncing with my Work's Outlook and have got email on the go, finally figured out how to turn off predictive text (I mean for gods sake its turned on automatically for web addresses!), but next step is to re-flash the phone with a few custom ROM's to improve the speed of it. If anyones interested then I can post here my experiences or email me?

70's said...

BBC IPlayer works on the phone.

Time to load it up now...

Claire said...

70's... sorry I've taken a while to reply, am still having problems with getting MSN to install, there's definitely no cab file that I can see in the zip file from what I can see. I can take a screen shot of what is in if you like, and upload it? The phone switched itself off on Sunday, for no reason... and has frozen a few times, T Mobile sending a replacement tomorrow for me to swap for though.

Haven't used copilot though, well I had a look but as a non driver I haven't found too much need for it - at least not yet anyway! Have you tried google maps out?

Other than that, I am getting to grips with it a bit more - I finally worked out how to get the screen back on without having to keep opening the keyboard bit to make it light up which is a relief haha.

I see it's up on the T Mobile website now... took its time though. :-)

Matt - I always worry about messing around with new ROMS - mainly due to possibly invalidating the warranty on it but I do agree with you, it does have too much T Mobile stuff on it really. Not loving the white and pink either, wouldn't have been so bad if they'd kept it black and then had the pink if they really had to have their colour scheme (ish) on there. :-)

Claire said...

Think I've sussed it, it was showing like a rar file and opening with winrar... so I was only seeing the files within the cab file. *doh*