Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Release Date: Not Good News!

I haven't posted for a short while as I haven't been told anything new regarding this phone or its release date, until today!

I've just spoken to Anne in the directors office again and have been told that the Vario IV has been put back as it's still in testing and is not going to make the October 1st release date that they originally hoped for. The date she has given me now is... wait for it....


This has come as a real shock to me, and I've been left wondering if it's worth me waiting for it any more, since it's not even definite to be released at that time either. I have a friend who has the HTC Touch Pro and has said he's putting it on ebay as it's not very good, which is disappointing. I'd expect/hope some of these problems would be sorted with the Vario as this would be the kind of thing being tested and hopefully fixed - which is what is putting the release date back even further.. but it's just whether or not I want to wait almost 2 months after my contract is supposed to end before *maybe* being able to get this phone.

The only other phone I have been interested in is the Samsung Omnia, which I have now asked to try out and I should have on Friday for a 7 day trial.

I'll post again when I get the Omnia as if you're anything like me then you're possibly considering both!


liesdamnlies said...

Went in store yesterday and got the same answer :( They did say I could have one if I bought like 300 Vario IIIs! Seems like these need to be cleared befoire the Vario IV will be released. Frankly I've had enough and will skip off to Voda to get a Touch Pro ...

Anonymous said...

Hi there Claire

It seems to be already available on T-mobile:
How does this happen? And why won't T-mobile themselves sell it?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I wonder if they are going to bother releasing it now because they will presumably be having a big push on the Google Android phone which looks pretty similar in a second rate sort of way.


Claire said...

Hiya Richard- yes the HTC Touch Pro is available as a sim free purchase with a slight discount for new contract sign ups on T Mobile via Expansys. However they don't deal with upgrades (so difficult to keep number if already with T Mobile) and also it's not the T Mobile re branded Vario IV.

It's not a bad deal but you can get the handset for free on Vodafone on £35 per month tariffs (including non business tariffs) if you're not fussed about it being the Vario or being with T Mobile!

Am not sure about them dropping it for the android phone.. they still say it will be released, but it's just a matter of when it will be that is in question!

Liesdamnlies - Haha, they'll say anything in store won't they. I don't blame you for going to Vodafone, at least they keep customers updated as to the handsets they have coming soon etc.

Anonymous said...


Have you looked at the Google G1 phone. This has a simular qwerty slide out keyboard and plus a host of other features. Although also due in November, you've waited this long - it looks worth the wait rather than settling on somethin else just for the sake of 1 month

Anonymous said...

The obvious alternative is the X1 which is due to be released any day now.

Massively similar to the Pro in many respects.

The impression I get is that G1 is way too "V1" to be a good idea yet (no Stereo Bluetooth for example)


Claire said...

Heya, yeah I'd noticed that the G1 is already on the T Mobile UK website.. and they now have the N96 on there too.

Why aren't they even putting a bit of info on the site like they have with the G1.

Also, I didn't think the X1 was being released on T Mobile?

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile aren't releasing the X1, as it's so similar to the V4.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Apparently there are lots of problems with the radio of the T/Pro. I guess that's why T-mob is taking long to sort all the generic problems with t/pro. Visit the XDA Developers website